Reimagining the BMS: Meet the Wattsense Control range

Louis Vermorel
Louis Vermorel23 May 2024
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The Wattsense Control range

We are proud to introduce the Wattsense Control range for building automation. Leveraging the power of wireless technology, such as LoRaWAN, to reduce costs, boost operational productivity and meet compliance requirements in smaller facilities. 

All the key advantages of traditional building management, without the complexity.

The Wattsense Control range expands upon the robust and popular features of the Tower and Bridge, which will continue to serve our users as our standard connectivity range, and goes further into automation with a first focus on scheduling.

Time slot programming or schedules are mainly used to switch off equipment and systems when they are not required. This feature is the cornerstone of the Control range, we have developed a user-friendly interface to easily create and edit schedules, tailoring the building to fit its occupant's needs.   

You can now set the right target temperature to a connected radiator or switch it on or off. There are now multiple possibilities to use schedules to write setpoints in your actuators, increasing comfort and making savings without effort. 

Here's a breakdown of our products and offers with the inclusion of the Wattsense Control range:

  • For collecting data: Tower and Bridge.
  • For building control: Tower Control and Bridge.

Explore the Wattsense Control range:

The Tower Control

Create a light BMS tailored to your building’s needs.

Small and medium-sized buildings are on the sidelines, left out of the digital transformation in the building management landscape. From local grocery stores to classrooms, buildings that we use daily lack a Building Management System (BMS) or any way to integrate IoT devices, making it challenging and costly to enhance their performance.

Contrary to the traditional building management approach, the solution to improving efficiency in smaller buildings isn't to adapt strategies and products designed for larger facilities. It requires innovative solutions tailored specifically to address the unique needs of these smaller spaces. 

At Wattsense, we recognize the unique challenges facing small and medium-sized buildings. That's why we've reimagined the traditional BMS, replacing it with a light and accessible product that's easier to install, use, and afford. 

Visit our product page for detailed features and pricing information.

The Bridge Control

Retrofit an existing BMS and collect data locally with an IoT controller.   

Save more by optimising the operation of previously unsupervised areas of the building. Extend the supervision of your BMS using IoT actuators integrated into the Bridge Control to monitor the behaviour of reduced spaces such as meeting rooms, classrooms or small offices.   

Visit our Product page for detailed features and pricing information.

What's coming next

This is just the beginning! The Wattsense Control range will continue to evolve with new features in the coming months. Be sure to check out our newsletter to stay updated on all the latest developments.

Ready to take control of your building's potential? Contact our sales team today to learn more about the pricing and capabilities of the Control range or schedule a demo.

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