The BMS for simple control of small and medium-sized buildings

  • ✓ Reduce operational costs
  • ✓ Comply with the BACS decree
  • ✓ Guarantee the safety and health of occupants
wattsense tower control

Manage your buildings without major renovations or unsuitable investments

We offer a new, open and flexible approach to BMS, using wireless IoT technologies to monitor and control buildings simply and efficiently, without modifying existing installations.

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Manage your buildings without major renovations or unsuitable investments

All the key features of a traditional BMS, without the complexity

Monitor your consumption and comfort indicators in real time.

Anticipate equipment malfunctions by setting up alarms.

Save energy by adjusting specific room temperatures in just a few clicks thanks to schedule programming,

Centralize the monitoring of all your equipment with Cloud storage, eliminating the need for on-site servers.

All this remotely and in several locations, thanks to a web interface accessible via computer, tablet or cell phone.

Easily control your HVAC equipment without replacing it by adding thermostatic valves or communication cards that interface directly with our solution.

Automation scenarios coming soon!

This feature will soon be available.

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Automation scenarios coming soon!
Step 1

Install the box

In less than a day, install the box on your building's electrical cabinet. Then connect it to your networks and equipment.

Step 2

Configure your equipment remotely

With the Wattsense user console, you can configure your devices and network quickly and easily from anywhere, and then start collecting data.

Step 3

Monitor and control your building

Implement setpoints, schedules, alarms and other actions to enhance the performance of your buildings and improve the comfort of occupants.

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Quick and easy commissioning

Save several days of installation time and hundreds of euros.

Our library of pre-decoded equipment and Configuration Wizard significantly problems for electricians and integrators.

Intuitive, easy-to-use interface

The interface is designed to be used by everyone, whether you're a technician or a manager.

Supervising a property portfolio becomes simple, even without technical skills.

Easy maintenance and dedicated support

We guarantee the longevity of our solution, year after year, with no recurring maintenance obligations.

Our engineers are on hand to answer any questions you may have so that you can become totally independent.

Supported protocols

All the following protocols are available simultaneously

  • LoRaWAN 1.0
  • BACnet IP
  • Modbus RTU
  • Diematic
  • M-Bus
  • Modbus TCP/IP
  • LON IP-852
  • LPB
  • KNX
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Main features


Define your building's occupancy schedule, associated rules and exceptions. We'll take care of the rest.

Remote alarms

Easily set up alarms and optimize your maintenance needs. Your technicians are the first to know if there is a problem with the building's equipment.


Customize dashboards with the indicators of your choice to effectively monitor your real estate portfolio.


Make informed decisions by analyzing key trends in your building.

Remote configuration

Use the console to configure your equipment remotely. Save time and reduce on-site visits.


Keep track of everything that happens. An essential feature for monitoring and managing your building.

Benefit from unrivalled interoperability, scalability and flexibility

Easily connect all of your equipment

Easily connect all of your equipment

800+ devices are already decoded and pre-configured with our BMS.

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Upgrade your supervision tools according to your needs

Upgrade your supervision tools according to your needs

You can easily connect our BMS with other services (EMS, PLC, SCADA, AI...)

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wattsense API

Stay in control of your data

Our API documentation is accessible and available to you. You can easily extract the data and use it in other contexts.

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Tower Control subscriptions

Choose the subscription plan that's right for your building.


Take the first step into IoT integration

LoRaWAN connectivity 

Local server 

Data points included

100 included

Up to 400 optional

4G SIM card & data plan


Alarms, schematics, graphs

Configuration wizard

Devices fleet management

API integration


Bank Branch

5 x IoT Comfort sensors
2 x IoT occupancy comfort sensors 
1 x IoT gas meter sensor


Digitally transform small buildings

Everything in IoT, plus


Wired connectivity for meters


Small Hotel

15 x IoT Comfort sensors 
1 x heat meter
1 x electricity meter


Take building management to the next level

Everything in Medium, plus


Points included

1 000 included

Up to 10 000 optional


Satellite option 


Office Tower

1 x BMS



1 x BMS (220 types of equipment)
100 x IoT comfort sensors 
50 x IoT occupancy sensors 

In all of our subscription plans, data points are available for reading every 10 minutes.

Satellite Option

Add an extra box to your building for additional coverage.

20 points included. Up to 50 optional. Only available for sites with a Tower Control with a Medium or a Large subscription.

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