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Investing in our innovative connectivity solution for buildings will not only increase comfort and efficiency for end-users, but also provide a competitive edge for your business, positioning you as a leader in the smart building market with an innovative and high-demand solution.

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Our solution works as a multi-protocol converter and communicates simultaneously with more than 10 key protocols, private or standard, making it compatible with most equipment on the market

Plug and play

Our products are very simple to install thanks to the configuration wizard. They reduce integration costs and stop inconvenient visits to busy sites.


Wattsense allows small and medium-sized buildings to have a BMS by removing technical complexity for an affordable price.

Lorawan to BACnet IP/ Modbus TCP functionality

Using this feature, integrators can access locally the data of any LoRaWAN sensor. At the same time, property managers can provide their tenants with energy efficiency, metering, comfort, security, air quality, and more.

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Lorawan to BACnet IP/ Modbus TCP functionality

Integrated to digital services

Wattsense is already preconfigured to connect with more than 20 popular Smart Building services. The growing Wattsense community consists of service providers, apps, software publishers, and smart building solutions integrated with our solution.

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Integrated to digital services

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