Easy Automation Joins Forces with Wattsense for BMS and IoT Integration

Romain Philipon
Romain Philipon4 January 2024
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Easy Automation Joins Forces with Wattsense for BMS and IoT Integration

Digitally transforming buildings across Chile and South America

Easy Automation, the Chilean distributor of automation solutions, has entered into a strategic alliance with Wattsense, the connectivity solution for BMS and IoT integration. 

Enabling the Digital Transformation of Buildings

Wattsense addresses a critical challenge in the building market—the seamless digital transformation of existing buildings and the retrofit of management systems. The partnership with Easy Automation amplifies the commitment to delivering solutions that simplify the technical management of buildings, allowing owners and managers to optimize energy usage, improve maintenance, and enhance overall occupant comfort.

Easy Automation was founded by experienced industrial automation engineers in September 2019 to provide the Chilean market with innovative automation and control technology. During the process of developing the company's first opportunities, and with the start of the pandemic, Easy Automation decided to adapt its business by supporting the adoption of IoT systems in Chile, including in its offer of hardware and software solutions with LoRaWAN technology and offering its clients services dedicated to the development of IoT projects. 

Unlocking the Power of Wattsense's BMS + IoT Integration Solutions

The Wattsense technology has a web-based interface that allows you to connect equipment in a few clicks and easily centralize and share your data. At the heart of Wattsense's revolutionary offerings is the "Wattsense Box," a game-changing device designed to effortlessly connect various protocols, including LoRaWAN, Modbus, BACnet, and more. What sets Wattsense apart is its support for over 800 devices, eliminating the need for extensive programming and simplifying complex integrations.

Features that Define Wattsense's Excellence:

  • Interoperability: Wattsense's commitment to compatibility ensures seamless integration with key communication protocols, making it a versatile solution for most devices commonly used in building management systems. Wattsense radically reduces the effort and time required for programming and integration.
  • Simplified Connectivity: The Wattsense solution transforms the connectivity game, making it easy for anyone to deploy digital services and communicate with buildings without unnecessary complications. No coding skills are required. 
  • Efficiency Optimization: Wattsense's focus on simplifying technical management empowers building owners and managers to regain control of their data to optimize energy consumption, streamline maintenance processes, and enhance overall occupant comfort.
  • Customer Support: Wattsense's customer support team offers unparalleled benefits to users navigating the complexities of BMS and IoT integration. Recognized by our customers for its commitment to user satisfaction, the team goes beyond traditional support, offering expertise, responsiveness, and personalized assistance. 

The Impact of the Partnership:

“We decided to distribute Wattsense as we discovered that it is a solution that complements our mission described even in our name, to make automation an easy process for our customers. With Wattsense we deliver easy integration, high interoperability and reliability, valuable features for a market with a great diversity of technologies in BMS systems." Says Martin Gallardo Arenas, Automation and IoT Business Developer for Easy Automation. 

Currently, Easy Automation is actively working to promote the adoption of IoT systems by working with BMS system integrators to provide monitoring and control solutions for residential, and office buildings for simple applications such as indoor air quality measurement, as well as in complex applications such as monitoring electrical distribution networks.

As they embark on this strategic collaboration, Easy Automation and Wattsense are not merely partnering; they are working to bring building automation excellence across Chile and South America. 

For more information about purchasing the Wattsense solution via Easy Automation visit their website. To become a Wattsense distributor, click here.

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