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Romain Philipon
Romain Philipon5 February 2020
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edge computing with Wattsense

Edge computing is a method of locally processing data closer to the source as a way of reducing response time and saving bandwidth. it is also, and foremost, a fail-safe feature independent of the availability of the network and the Cloud.

An exciting approach to network architecture, Edge serves as a complement to traditional Cloud-based networks. Unfortunately for music fans, we are not referring to the Edge described by Steven Tyler on the Aerosmith 90s anthem "Livin on the Edge."

The Edge

The evolution of IoT devices has made it possible for building equipment to collect, store, and process data in large quantities. This scenario allows companies to improve their networks and relocate more processing functions closer to where data is gathered, at the network’s Edge, where it can be analyzed faster and applied in real-time.

The goal of Edge Computing (sometimes called Fog Computing for gateways) is to move the computation away from data centers towards the Edge of the network, exploiting smart objects or network gateways to perform tasks and provide services on behalf of the Cloud.

With Edge, data doesn’t have to travel all the way back to the central servers for the device to know that a command needs to be executed. The speed, flexibility, and fail-safe feature offered by this approach to the management of data creates an exciting range of possibilities for organizations.

On the Edge with Wattsense

Looking to offer users a way to increase the performance of their networks, we have added an Edge functionality to the Wattsense Box. Using the Box, users can load their Python source code directly into their equipment on-site.

This functionality is currently in its Beta version and is in the process of being tested by a group of early adopters.

Here are some of the characteristics of the Wattsense - Edge functionality:

Low latency

The Wattsense Box is a full integration of hardware and embedded software. The proximity of the Box to the user’s equipment creates the perfect environment for the local exchange of data with low latency.

This low latency characteristic allows smart applications and devices to respond to data almost instantaneously as it’s being created, eliminating lag time.


With the Wattsense Edge functionality, users are able to implement fail-safe features in their buildings and assets. A fail-safe machine or system is one that resorts to a safe mode if anything goes wrong. This response can protect and prevent damage to equipment and property.

The fail-safe feature is suitable for security programs that need to avoid 4G network interruptions.  


Our most important commitment to users is to offer secure network connections, whether it is on the Cloud or through this new Edge feature. For those dealing with extra sensitive data or high-level security protocols, Edge is a great option as it allows you to process data without ever putting it into the Cloud, adding a useful layer of security.

Data aggregation

Enables raw data to be gathered and expressed in a summary form for operational use.

Access to Cloud storage

You can still access our Wattsense Cloud Service, where less time-sensitive data can be processed and stored for the long term. Edge is a complementary feature to the Cloud Service and our API.


The Wattsense Edge functionality offers a budget-friendly route to scalability by giving companies flexibility and control to expand their computing capacity, reduce response time and bandwidth costs. This flexibility gives our users the opportunity to adapt quickly to evolving markets and scale their data and computing needs more efficiently.

Want to be part of our Edge Beta trial or simply learn more about this feature and the Wattsense solution? Please write to us at contact@wattsense.com.

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