Tower or Bridge? That is the question

Romain Philipon
Romain Philipon6 January 2021
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Tower or Bridge? That is the question

To simplify building management systems, we developed two products that remove technical complexity, the Tower, and the Bridge. These innovative devices allow users to set up their management networks quickly.

Sorry Hamlet, but the question is not: "To be, or not to be". It is "To Tower or to Bridge."

What is the difference between The Bridge and the Tower?

Both can communicate with different protocols; whether they are open or proprietary, they also share the same hardware, but though very similar, these devices have a crucial distinction. The Tower is a remotely managed IoT device that collects data and controls equipment with access to a Cloud Service. The Wattsense Bridge is a powerful gateway that processes data independently from the Cloud, on-premises.

The Wattsense Tower

The Tower is a remotely managed and configured IoT device, full integration of hardware, embedded software, and cloud services. It universalizes BMS field communication protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, LPB, M-Bus, and others, into a neatly embedded API. Think Cloud-based and SaaS.

Using the Tower you can create a light BMS to manage building equipment in small to extra large buildings. The service follows a Software-as-Service subscription model allowing automatic updates and easy maintenance.

Management or automation systems in buildings are increasingly becoming the norm worldwide to reduce pollution and energy consumption. For example, by 2025, Building Automation Control Systems (BACS) will be mandatory in all tertiary buildings in the EU. Property owners and facility managers aim for light BMS that can be quickly installed and configured to comply with these regulations. BACS represent all control and automation solutions. For example HVAC, BMS can be part of it.

Ideal for:

PropTechs, Facility Managers, Property owners.

The Wattsense Hub

Think local! In this case, we are not talking about your local farmer's market but collecting and processing data on-site. The Hub is a universal device that stands out from traditional gateways for its quick installation, advanced features, and versatility. It locally processes data independently from the Cloud.

The Hub is a one-time purchase for those looking for a more traditional BMS integration tool. We believe in flexibility, so if you decide to use our Cloud Service and subscription plan, you can always make the change.

Only 1% of buildings are renovated each year. If we want to change energy performance and CO2 emissions, those numbers need to change. Legacy IT, integration costs, and overloaded automation engineers constrain the property management industry's impact.

Ideal for:

Integrators, facility managers working on projects where the internet connection is not permitted, such as government buildings, data centers, etc.

Here is a quick overview of how to choose the Tower or the Bridge according to your technical needs.

Why do we need to popularize BMS?

Despite the fast growth of new IoT technologies to better manage properties, only a tiny fraction of the world's 40 million facilities benefit from these advancements today.

The introduction of regulations as the mandatory BACS decree in Europe to reduce energy consumption and pollution pushes property owners, facility managers, integrators, Proptechs, and other stakeholders to incorporate innovative IoT solutions to transform facilities into efficient, Carbon zero, smart buildings.

"The BACS measures in the revised EPBD would lead to savings corresponding to 14% of the total building energy consumption in Europe, with 64 Mt CO2 annual savings and €36 billion energy bill savings triggered". According to an article from the European Buildings Automation Controls Association.

At Wattsense, we are continually working to popularize the use of BMS. If you are curious about our products and how we can help you automate your buildings, request a demo to talk with one of our account executives.

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