The best LoRaWAN gateway? Wattsense VS Milesight

When upgrading a building using IoT solutions, picking the right LoRaWAN Gateway is key. We compare two major market players, Wattsense and Milesight, so you can decide which LoRaWAN Gateway better suits your needs.

What do I get from this document?

A comparison of the two brands through a real-life situation: a project to improve air quality and occupant comfort in a university building.

We go through every stage of a LoRaWAN gateway installation project with a fine-tooth comb to give you a clear view of the differences between Wattsense and Milesight products. Total costs, installation, ease of commissioning, maintenance, flexibility, and scalability are all included.

Technical specifications comparison, such as the number of devices that can be connected, compatibility with other protocols, additional features, and certifications.

Wattsense VS Milesight comparison: Which is the best LoRaWAN gateway?

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