Interoperability: the road to BACS compliance for digital services and PropTechs

Get expert insights to comply with EPBD BACS guidelines and conquer interoperability issues when optimizing a building's energy efficiency. Deploy your digital services seamlessly.

What can I find in this document?

How connectivity tools help you easily integrate your digital services and tackle staff shortages, budget constraints, limited resources, decentralized data, and outdated or non-existing Building Management Systems.

Technical solutions to fix problems when deploying energy performance and building management services. How to retrofit a BMS to avoid replacing equipment, use LoRaWAN to avoid wiring issues, and much more.

The key elements regarding the BACS decree, promoted by the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). Discover what is required to be compliant, especially in terms of interoperability and communication with the building's equipment.

What can I find in this document?

Deploy your digital services and comply with BACS regulations

Don't waste time, win more contracts and focus on your core offering with a connectivity solution.

Wattsense solution for BACS compliance